Specialist dentist in esthetics and rehabilitation, graduated from Alfredo Nasser-ABO University Center in Brazil.

David Linares is a brand that has been offering all dental services for more than 10 years in Honduras. In our dental clinic, we provide a wide range of dental services with the best specialists and general dentists.

The David Linares quality seal is synonymous with prestige in Honduras and is a reference in Latin America for having the best competitive technology worldwide and for being the creator of the best smile designs, achieving a natural look that captivates each patient. To achieve this merit, he has participated in 37 courses and 4 diplomas mostly held in Colombia, as well as in China, Taiwan, Guatemala, and El Salvador, completing his postgraduate studies in Dentistry in Brazil, which culminated in January 2023.

Currently, Dr. David Linares is a pioneer in providing the best and most modern technology in the field of dental aesthetics. Thanks to this, lives can be changed and dreams can be realized.

Our commitment is to continue preparing ourselves, because life is in constant motion and each person is unique like each of the smiles that are born in our dental clinic, Dr. David Linares.

He is currently studying for a Diploma in BIOMETHICS at the Diego Portales University in Santiago de Chile.

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DR. DAVID LINARES Clinic has a staff of specialists, including



More than 10 years of experience


More than 26 professionals, including specialists and general dentists


More than 10,000 patients


More than 20,000. Lumineers


Lumineers represent the biggest breakthrough in dental aesthetics. This type of veneer does not require prior tooth reduction. In addition, they are ultra-resistant and the procedure to place them is minimally invasive. Lumineers are made of a special, highly resistant ceramic. But the main feature of these veneers is that they are ultra-thin, which means that tooth reduction is not necessary for their placement.

Thanks to technological advances in aesthetic dentistry, it is now possible to place dental veneers without having to resort to tooth reduction. In this sense, Lumineers are a completely reversible procedure, something that is not possible with traditional veneers when tooth reduction is necessary.

Today we can choose from a total of 10 different shades for Lumineers, all without compromising the quality of the smile and the final result.

Talking about an exact duration for Lumineers, whether they are porcelain or composite, is complicated. The duration of the perfect smile will depend on many factors, such as daily habits, dental hygiene, etc. However, the average duration of Lumineers is around 12-15 years or more. It is one of the most long-lasting options for dental aesthetics. The opinions about Lumineers dental laminates are usually really positive. In fact, the most radiant smiles of Hollywood actors and actresses are due to the use of these aesthetic procedures.

We have a two-year warranty on all treatments. The warranty does not include:

Fracture in a tooth without a nerve if the patient has not received a crown. Fractures or breaks due to bruxism. If the patient ignores their agreed annual check-ups.

There are many advantages to opting for Lumineers dental treatments. Considering that they are extremely thin sheets of VITREOUS ceramic that adhere directly to the tooth, we avoid pain during the session at the dental clinic, opting for non-invasive procedures that offer spectacular results.

One of the main advantages is that with Lumineers, there is no need to carve the tooth. Thanks to this, we achieve a radiant smile in a short time and without pain. In addition, it is a reversible dental treatment.

Placing Lumineers is much easier and faster, because the preparation process for the tooth is very brief. Finally, another very important aspect is the final result. Lumineers dental veneers are made with a special porcelain that allows light to pass through better, generating a smile that closely resembles natural teeth. They are also a very aesthetic and durable option.